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Level 4 - Logic Game Mini Sudoku – Forest Animals

RM 45.00

A mini sudoku game that will keep players entertained for hours! 

Instructions: Each card shows the player the number of animals required for each row, column, diagonal line and coloured-zone. Using this guide, players will go on to arrange all 16 magnets on the 4 x 4 board so that all of the criteria presented are fulfilled. This puzzle trains players to think critically. The game uses magnetic pieces and comes in a metal box which makes it easily portable. 

Level 4 Logic Game Mini - Forest Animals is suitable for all players who have completed Level 3 Logic Game Mini - Pond Animals or players aged 6 years and above. It includes 16 pieces of pictured-magnets, 15 double-sided play cards (30 puzzles in total) and an instruction booklet.