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Little Dorothy's Feeling - Emotion Expression Magnetic Busy Puzzle

RM 50.00

There are different ways of playing Little Dorothy’s Emotional Expression Magnetic Busy Puzzle:

Method 1:

Players are required to complete Dorothy’s expression through the emotion cards given. Players are also encouraged to create their own emotional expressions using the cards provided. There are more than 40 magnetic emotion cards provided.   

Method 2:

Story Telling through the picture cards to allow children to understand different emotional feelings.

Method 3:

At the back of the picture card, there is one story and three interactive questions. These questions provide a platform for parents to discuss different emotional expression/feelings with their children.  

Little Dorothy’s Emotion Expression Magnetic Busy Puzzle allows players to practice their hand-eye coordination, imagination, concentration and emotional cognition.

This game includes 8 picture cards with story and questions at the back, 43 magnetic emotion cards and an emotion reference booklet about children’s feelings.